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Yoga and Relaxation

Yoga treatment is presently suggested on many grave sicknesses. The unwinding method under yoga is helpful on restoring nervousness, fear, habit, sexual disfunctions.

The unwinding asana called "Shawasan" is useful in pressure alleviating. It is likewise portrayed as body present. This is finished in following manner.

•  Lie level on the back with arms next to and in the line with body

•  Keep palms confronting upwards

•  Keep the feet separated in confortable position

•  Close the eyes and loosen up the body gradually

•  Slant the neck somewhat on any one side

•  focus on breathing with mindfulness

The principle behind this is that, there is total body relaxation, mind also relaxes thus discouraging anxiety and other symptoms of mental tensions. This asana or relaxation pose is found to be very effective on diseases like psychosomatic disorders like tension, asthma, peptic ulcer.

The person should lie down facing upwards ina comfortable position in a 'motionless' pose. The first step consists of identifying all muscles and then relaxing each part one by one. The tight unpleasant sensation coming from the contracted muscle is necessary for eventual relaxation. The feedback of lack of tight feeling in muscles (or letting go the contraction) helps you realize the the relaxed body parts.

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