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Yoga on Diabetes

A chronic metabolic disorder that causes persistant thirst, excessive urination, loss of weight, surplus of sugar in the blood and urine. An excessive over weight is a contributing factor. Yoga Asanas or yoga therapy is also recommended for the treatment of diabetes.

Insufficiency of 'insulin' production by pancreas for the metabolizing of food sugars and starches is the route cause of this disease.


•  Excessive hunger & thirst

•  Frequent Urination

•  Vision Problems

•  Weight Loss

•  Slow healing of cuts and braisesModern way of treating diabetes is through dieting and insulin injection.



This asana is a gas realeasing pose and should be done in following way.

•  Lie flat on your back anf stretch the legs.

•  Bend the knees and bring towards the chest.

•  Make a fibger lock of both hands and press the knees upon the chest.

•  Inhale and with exhalation reach the chin towards the knees.


This asana is posterior strectcing pose and should be done in following way.

•  Sit erect with, legs stretched and knees together

•  Inhale and raise both hands at the level.

•  Slowly with exhalation bend forward and catch the toes with respective raising knees and look straight.

•  Place elbows on the knees

•  There after place the elbows on the ground with grip on the toes.

•  Now place forhead on the knees.

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