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Abdominal Exercises

 Abdominal Exercises


Physical trainers advice you many specific exercises to lose extra fat or build muscle. Some abdominal exercises need careful work-out and should be practised under the guidance or there is every chance of getting injured.

For best outcomes, abs ought to be performed gradually with legs laying on a seat/seat, so legs are bowed at 90 degrees.


1. Lie on back with knees bent.

2. Put your feet flat on the floor close to the buttocks Or can be in raised up on a bench.

3. Beginners should not give any jerk to any part of the body at first. Twisting can be really dangerous for beginners .

4. While doing this, breathing should be confortable, slow.

5. Commence curls with the shoulders, then the upper back and finally the lower back.

6. Bring the torso up no more than 30 degrees; hold momentarily then lower the torso.

7. Clasp hands behind the neck just to support the weight of the head.

8. Keep your chin off your chest, aim to keep your upper spine straight (neutral)

9. Warm up your stomach muscles with easy stomach exercises, before you advance.

10. Finish off by stretching out the abdominals.

11. By doing a few dorsal raises, this will assist with loosening up your abs.

If you have use of an abdominal exerciser, that will help you get into right position. Don't pull on your head when doing this exercise. Daily practice will help you perform better.

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