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Calf Exercises

As with biceps, triceps, chest, back, abs, thighs; every body part there is, there are numerous programs and techniques for developing them. This is true also for calves. Here we brief you about few of those and advice of trainer is always necessary and helpful in building specific parts of your body.


This develops the overall mass of the calves. Stand with your toes on the block of a standing Calf Raise machine, your heels stretched out into space. Snare your shoulders under the cushions and fix your legs, lifting the weight clear of the help.

Bring down your heels beyond what many would consider possible toward the floor, keeping your knees marginally bowed all through the development to work the lower region of the calves as well as the upper, and feeling the lower leg muscles stretch to the most extreme. From the bottom of the movement, come up on your toes as far as possible.The weight must not be too heavy to get up, so use enough heavy weights while practising.


This develops the lower and outer areas of the calves. Sit on the machine and put your toes on the base crosspiece, snaring your knees under the crossbar. Slowly lower your heels as far toward the ground as possible, then press back up on your toes until your calves are fully contracted. Do whatever it takes not to shake to and fro excessively. The calves working should be done in a rhythmic manner.

Begin every development by remaining on a block of wood to some extent as high as a 2 x 4. Place your feet with the goal that main your toes and the bundle of your feet are on the block. Point your toes slightly outward. Your feet ought to be separated around 10 to 12 crawls from focus of large toe to focal point of huge toe. It is ideal on the off chance that you wear no shoes.

Exercising without shoes or with bare foot is suggested.You should extend right down on every rep and you should come as far as possible up on your toes.Concentrate on placing your weight on your huge toe and the toe close to your large toe, contract completely at the top. Do this on every rep of each and every set for each exercise framed. Shoes can be used but of very flexible sole and stiff shoes are not at all recommended.

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