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Chest Exercises

Why need chest muscles?

The chest muscles are our pushing muscles. The chest muscles' job is to lift and push mainly. These also allow you to twist with the loads. The muscles at the chest are also known as Pectorals. The pectorals are shaped like a fan and run from breastbone to the upper arm.

Weight training for this muscle development is really helpful and it gives great strength to push a heavy object. This weight workout gives great results and you will feel better when pushing a heavy mass after your chest muscle is ready.

Parallel Dips

Position yourself between a bunch of equal bars and lift yourself so you are held erect by your arms, with your elbows at your sides.

Keep your elbows into your sides while letting your body down beyond what many would consider possible.

Stop a second and afterward press yourself back up to a careful distance, until your elbows are again locked at the beginning position..

Dips - Seated

Sit on the edge of a flat bench with another bench positioned a full body length in front of you.

Support yourself with the goal that your feet and lower legs are on one seat and your hands are on the other. Your body weight should be on the palms of your hands, which should be extended behind you so that your buttocks are lifted off the bench.

Stop momentarily and afterward press yourself upwards until your arms are straight and you are once again at the beginning position.

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