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Diabetes and Obesity

Concentrates on show that the family background of diabetes is the greatest gamble factor and the subsequent gamble factor is 'Weight'. We're just now are able to recognize this epidemic of obesity and its role in type 2 diabetes. People with obesity, are prone to diabetes. Physicians now look towards obesity as a major factor in diagnosing diabetes.

There is a stage in diabetes called a Pre-diabetes'.This stage comes when a person's blood glucose levels are higher than normal. These blood glusose levels are high enough for a diagnosis of diabetes. About 11 percent of people with pre-diabetes in the DPP standard or control group developed type 2 diabetes each year during the average three years of follow-up.

It is found that with pre-diabetes, long-term damage is being done, to the heart and circulatory system. Therse is major risk of diabetes due to obesity. Those who have pre-diabetes are susceptible to type 2 diabetes. Before people develop type 2 diabetes, they almost always have pre-diabetes, or blood glucose levels higher than normal but not yet high enough to be diabetes.

Doctors used to focus on mainly on family history or hereditory reasons in diagnosing diabetes. But with the epidemic of obesity and its subsequent risk to diabetes, they also look at obesity as a big risk factor. People with obesity alone without a family history of diabetes are seen diagnosed for diabetes these days.

The fast food, irregular eating, unnecessary rich diet, lack of exercise habbits are few reasons for that but many say life style changes can help gain back the right shpae and weight loss programs are worth trying in this respect. Dietician and physical trainers help you plan your diet and regular exercise can keep you away from obesity as well as diabetes.

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