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Exercises for Women (Weight Training Program)

Women generally avoid weight-bearing exercises and prefer low resistance and aerobic classes. It is a fantastic way to lose your excess fat and keep your heart healthy. If women could augment the aerobic exercises with strength enhancement, it would be of great help to remain healthy for long. Muscle tissue is denser than fat and hence a strength trained body will look leaner and compact. Also muscle burns calories, as it is active tissue. Thus weight training can give a toned body that each woman desired. One can achieve firm arms, thighs, hips & waist with such weight training programs. This way, you will burn more calories throughout the day, you can burn your excess fat easily.

But then women are concerned about looking too muscular. This fear is totally unfounded. Women do not have male hormone testosterone. It is testosterone that gives men the bulk. So women will never get bulky, but at the same time get strong and lean. In order to achieve enhanced strength levels, women must progressively increase resistance over a period of time for their gym exercises.

For women who diet excessively and don't take exercise, they are prone to bone loss, slips, fractures etc. or called 'Osteoporosis'. The best advice against osteoporosis is strength training. It is essential for the health of your bones, as you get older. After the age of 35 to 40, women are especially vulnerable to losing bone mass in their menopausal years from hip & spine.

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