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Leg Exercise

Hamstring stretch

Practice well defined for a specific part can assist with giving you help regarding torment if any or construct muscle. At times, one can free that additional fat on a specific part like midsection, chest, thighs and so forth...

On the off chance that you get muscle cramp toward the rear of your thighs, you really want to sort out this. This exercise extends the hamstring and accordingly alleviates torment in thighs. Some hamstring practices need incredible consideration while rehearsing as these are inclined to wounds due to strecting and turning.

•  Lie on your back, knees twisted, feet level.

•  Handle each leg in turn over the knee and hold the leg at a right point with the body.

•  Holing the leg out at a safe distance, gradually fix the knee.

•  Hold the leg as straight as possible as you build up to ten.


This exercise is hazardous for the people who have unsound knees. This exercise isn't suggested for the individuals who have issue called "Back-Knee". In this issue, the bends back when individual stand up. It's not difficult to overextend and be sore with this activity.

Straight Leg Raise

This exercise fortifies the muscles that twist the hip and fix the knee.

Lie on your back, knees bowed, feet level.

Fix one leg. Fix the muscle on the highest point of that thigh and fix the knee however much as could be expected.

Keeping the knee straight, raise your leg one to two feet (around 50 cm) off the ground. Try not to curve your back.

Hold your advantage and count without holding back for ten seconds.

Unwind. Rehash with the other leg.

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