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Life Expectancy

People living in unfortunate nations not just face lower futures than those in more extravagant nations yet in addition carry on with a higher extent of their lives in chronic weakness. Due to cultural differences, education, health awareness it is wrong to compare the life expectancy across the world or in different regions.

Researches done across the world, it is founde that healthy life expectancy at birth ranged from 40 years for males in Africa to over 70 years for females in developed countries. The equivalent "lost" healthy years ranged from 15% of total life expectancy at birth in Africa to 9% in developed countries.

Life expectancy called, health-adjusted life expectancy (HALE) is a form of health expectancy indicator. HALE extends measures of life expectancy to account for the distribution of health states in the population. This includes average age in population in terms of equivalent years of full health.

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